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La Pasta

       A must of the Italian cuisine, presented in
       the most traditional recipes.

        Gluten free pasta available at extra charge
       (involves a 40/45 min. wait).

       We strongly recommend all the other gluten-free dishes, like
       our risotto!


Ravioli Zucca e Mascarpone (V without pancetta)
Homemade pumpkin and mascarpone ravioli served with crispy pancetta, butter and sage
Suggested match: 
Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir
$ 24.50
Risotto dei Monti (V) (GF)
Spinach and mushroom risotto with porcini and parmigiano
$ 23.50
Cannelloni Mosci (V)
Ricotta, pea, and mint cannelloni crepes with tomato and sage butter.
Suggested match: 
Rosé or Chardonnay
$ 23.50
Pappardelle all'uovo con Ragu di Agnello
Pappardelle egg pasta with lamb ragu and Pecorino Romano.
Suggested match: 
Barbera or Valpolicella
$ 24.50
Farfelle al Salmone Affumicato
Bronze extruded bowtie pasta with apple wood smoked salmon, capers, spring onions, and lemon cream.
Suggested match: 
Montepulciano or Sauvignon Blanc
$ 24.50
Caserecce Mare e Monti
Rummo (short) pasta with cherry tomatoes, anchovy, garlic, chilli, capers, and Pecorino Romano.
Suggested match: 
Primitivo or Pinot Gris
$ 19.50
Lasagna Tradizionale
Lasagna layers with béchamel, tomato Bolognese, and parmigiana reggiano.
Suggested match: 
Chianti or Valpolicella
$ 24.50
Linguine alle Vongole Classico o Moderno
Rummo Linguine pasta with clams - Classico: Chilli, garlic, parsley and white wine. Moderno: Chilli, garlic, parsley and cherry tomatoes.
Suggested match: 
Chianti or Valpolicella
$ 25.50

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